Industrial Generators by Generac

All engine-generator powered systems are More Than Just the Sum of Its Parts and Generac Power Systems proves that with each and every unit produced by utilizing some important principals. Generac’s industrial generator sets use an integrated approach to building the optimum system for each application. This approach matches the right engine, alternator, control panel, enclosure, base tank and software for the most effective solution.

The following are the four key components to every electrical generator manufactured:

The engine, is the prime mover and the power source for the system.
Generac searches globally to ensure the most reliable engines power their generators. The engines chosen have already been proven in heavy-duty industrial applications under adverse conditions. The flexibility of global sourcing means customers are assured of a reliable engine that performs for extreme industrial applications.

The alternator, with a magnetized rotor turning inside a cylindrical stator, converts the engine’s mechanical energy into electrical output.
Generac industrial alternators are machine wound, machine inserted, and machine varnished for the ultimate in consistent manufacturing. All alternators are built with high temperature 190° C NEMA Class H wire and insulation. Maximum operating temperatures are designed not to exceed a temperature rise of 120° C. This provides an extra margin of thermal capability for standby applications with single phase and non-linear loads.

The control panel, providing a digital user interface with the generator system
Advanced engineering and vibration dampeners ensure reliability and durability, while providing extensive monitoring and alarms meeting NFPA 110 requirements. The electronic isochronous governor provides a quicker response by adjusting the engine throttle during block loads and maintains a constant frequency under steady state conditions. These advanced controls
also contain a digital voltage regulator providing for better measuring of the voltage output by varying the magnetic force within the alternator to achieve precise voltage as a standard.

The automatic transfer switch starts and stops the generator automatically.
Transfer switches are built for general purpose commercial and industrial applications requiring the dependability and ease of operation found in a power contactor switch. With several different products lines using microprocessor control systems, which includes features specified on a general purpose commercial and industrial applications to highly technical healthcare facilities. Products with a full range of ampere, voltage and pole configurations, along with many commonly requested options and features all meeting UL1008 listed and Seismic certification.

For industry, these fundamental principals are critical as well as the service support after the unit leaves the factory floor.

  • Easily serviced by any qualified generator technician.
  • National industrial dealer network of factory-certified technicians with expertise in everything from system design to diagnostics and repairs.
  • 24/7 emergency response, warranty service and scheduled preventive maintenance programs.
  • Readily available replacement parts and maintenance items.