Protector Series

Protector™  Gas Series – 22, 25, 27, 30, 32, 38, 45, 48, 60 kW

The higher kW nodes of Generac’s Protector Series are ideal for larger homes and small businesses where NFPA110 is not required

  • The solid reliability of an automotive-style, liquid-cooled engine provides whole-house power protection for larger homes, and small-to-medium-size businesses such as convenience stores, restaurants and offices
  • Continuous fuel choices in LP and natural gas offer cleaner-burning fuel solutions than traditional diesel engines
  • Neutral styling, color and small footprint fits unobtrusively into landscaping
  • Single phase and three phase options
  • Models offerred in both 1800 and 3600 RPM

Protector™ Deisel Series – 15, 20, 30, 48/50 kW

Generac’s Protector Series diesel units raise the bar for residential and commercial diesel generators. Building and zoning codes can vary greatly from one region to another. In the past, the only answer was to order expensive, custom-configured solutions. Until now, where NFPA110 is not required, Generac’s diesel-powered Protector Series offers a set of common options that are preconfigured to ensure that the generator will be adaptable to a variety applications.

  • External vent and fill
  • UL/CUL 142-listed, double-walled base tank
  • UL/CUL 2200
  • Output in a variety of phases & voltages: – (1ø) Single Phase 240V – (3ø) Three Phase 208V – (3ø) Three Phase 240V – (3ø) Three Phase 480V